Open Internet Transparency Disclosure

The following disclosure describes the network practices, performance characteristics and commercial terms for Southern Colorado Internet pursuant to the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet Transparency requirements in 47C.F.R §8.3.


Network Practices

·          Congestion Management:

Congestion Management is not currently employed.

·          Application-Specific Behavior:

No applications or protocols are blocked

·         Device Attachment Rules:

There are no restirctions on FCC approved devices that can be attached to the network.

·          Security :

We employ non-routable internal addresses for modems to offer a layer of security from hacking. No other end-user security measures are taken and all security related measures are the responsibility of the end-user. Publi ip addresses maybe requested and users of such are responsible for all anti-hacking security.


Performance Characteristics

·          Service Description:

Broadband Service is provided using ADSL technology. Speed is dependent on packages taken by customer. Latencies of 45ms can be expected and achieved speeds at more than 80% of advertised speed. Speed is measured to a local speed test at Speeds achieved using outside speed tests are dependent on conditions of the external network and may or may not reflect the speed achieved by your service.


·         Impact of Specialized Services:

Commercial Terms

·          Pricing :

Prices are flat rate based on speed ordered. Price list are available from the business office.

·          Privacy Policies:

Your data is private, network monitoring can capture types of data being sent and received, but no packet inspection is employed.

·          Redress Options:

Questions and problems are resolved at the business office, 8611 CEntral Ave., Beulah, CO. 719-485-3999