Annual Beulah Yule Log Festival

Sunday  December 14    2014    1pm



     This wonderful tradition has been a part of Beulah's history since 1952.  It was started by then residents Gene and Nona Miller.  They had attended the Palmer Lake, Colorado festival in 1951 and thought Beulah should have a festival of its own.  They brought back a splinter of the Palmer Lake log and in 1952, the first fire of the Beulah Yule Log Festival was started with that splinter.

     The event takes place in the Mountain Park in Beulah, centering the festival around an 8 foot long pine log that is hidden in the park months before the day.  Sometimes it is buried in the snow and sometimes it might be hidden in an upright position.  Much fanfare and music begins the program.  Tradition has included a Yule Bunde girl dressed in a colorful swedish outfit feeding the winter birds and a real live-fake boars head!!  A trumpter calls the hunt, and anyone can go out into the woods to look for the log or can stay at the stone lodge and sing carols.  When the log is found, the finder must yell HALUEB - which is Beulah spelled backwards to alert all the other hunters that the log has been found.  The finder is then seated on the log and rides back to the pavilion, pulled by the unlucky hunters.  There, the log cutter cuts the log in two.  Half will be put on the fire and the other half will be kept to start the next years fire.  After toasting the finder with wassail and a keepsake mug - everyone is invited to taste the spicy hat apple drink and partake of homemade cookies provided by the residents of the Beulah Valley.

We invite everyone to bring their family and friends and help keep this wonderful tradition alive!

Sponsored by the Beulah Arts Council

for information : Contact Amy Nelson Martin 


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