Beulah Time Capsule

The Beulah Valley Arts Council is sponsoring a year 2000 time capsule.   The capsule will be opened in 100 years.   We are accepting family histories that are associated with the Beulah Area, photographs, memorabilia etc.   The prospect of this is a bit overwhelming.   The people involved in this project will long since have gone to meet their maker, so it's important that everyone in the valley at this time be represented.

Especially the "Old Timers", who currently hold so many important memories of life in the valley.   Please take a few minutes to write down some of your favorite stories, fond memories, people or events that are meaningful to you.  Let's not forget all the infants and Y2K babies, their pictures must be included because they could still be around in 100 years.

The capsule is a cylinder, 11" x 30", made of heavy duty plastic material.  There is ample room for photos, family histories, children's projects or other memorabilia.   We can scan photographs as well.   Please mark them carefully if you would like them returned and wish for only copies placed in the capsule.

The capsule will be buried are the point of interest a few miles east of the valley, the Muldoon Man spot.   A cement marker will be placed over the capsule.   No specific decision has been made as to when the capsule will be opened, January 2100 or January 2101.    What do you think?

We have the opportunity to honor and commemorate our lives as fine as they are.   The Art Council hopes you will add to our history, thank you.

We invite all people with connections to Beulah, both present and past, to take a few minutes to fill out our information form and add any other comments and memories you want.   A printable form is available by selecting this LINK  .

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